Burnley FC set to receive record fee from Liverpool FC for Danny Ings


Burnley chief executive David Baldwin has hinted that his side are set to receive the ‘biggest fee in tribunal history’ from Liverpool for Danny Ings

Danny Ings made a move to Liverpool from Burnley upon the expiration of his contract during the summer but the Clarets are entitled to receive a fee from the Reds as the striker was under the age of 24 before he made the move.

In addition, Ings had been capped by the England national team as well and it is expected that the fee Liverpool will have to pay Burnley will exceed the current record of £6.5million, which Chelsea paid to Manchester City after signing Daniel Sturridge back in January 2010.

Burnley set to receive record fee for Ings

Despite Ings’ move to Liverpool taking place well over six months ago, the tribunal has not yet come to a decision regarding the fee and now Burnley chief executive David Baldwin has gone on to explain the reason behind why the process has taken such a timeline.

Baldwin revealed that the Burnley’s lawyers are currently preoccupied on other cases and stated that the tribunal claim for Ings is taking the time that it is, as it will be the biggest in history, before hinting that a decision is likely to be made by April.

He said, “In terms of the actual tribunal date, the expectation is that it will be the end of April. It could have been any time during March or April but availability of legal counsel for both parties has dictated that. They’re on other cases and they’re not just dealing with sports law.

“Our lawyer in particular is on a High Court case at the minute. In terms of the timeline the reason it’s different to the ordinary is this tribunal claim will be the biggest in history.”




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