Dutchman reveals his arguements with Moyes, bad relationship with Mourinho


Ex-Dutch international Royston Drenthe has opened up about his poor relationships with David Moyes and Jose Mourinho.

Drenthe was considered a very talented young player when he broke into the scene at Feyenoord a few years back and the defender earned the opportunity to play for big clubs such as Real Madrid and Everton in his career.

However, Drenthe never really came close to fulfilling his tremendous potential due to a bad attitude and having recently retired at the age of just 29, the Dutchman has revealed how he did not get along with the likes of Jose Mourinho and David Moyes.

Drenthe told RTV Rijnmond, “I had a lot of arguments with Moyes at Everton and I didn’t have a good relationship with Mourinho during our short time together at Real Madrid.

Drenthe opens about his his problems with Moyes and Mourinho

“I was branded as a ‘bad boy’, but there were also a lot of coaches who asked me how that was possible, because they didn’t have problems with me. But you never see these kind of stories in the media.

“At Hercules [on loan from Madrid]the squad agreed that we wouldn’t be attending the training session, because our salary wasn’t paid [during the incident when the club failed to pay salaries in 2010]. But when I turned on the TV in the Netherlands I saw that everybody was training except me.

“Back in Spain my windows were broken by fans and they sprayed graffiti. They saw me as a money-grabber. I still love playing football, but I don’t have the motivation for everything around it anymore.

“At my last club in UAE I had to ask for my salary every time myself, otherwise I wouldn’t get paid. They still owe me four months of salary and if I don’t follow-up on that, I get nothing. These kinds of things demotivated me, because I worked hard for it. Now I just want to do things that I like.”




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