A Lightweight World Championship Title Fight That Has Everyone Talking


If you have not pencilled in anything to watch on Friday the 9th March 2018 then you could do far worse than watch ITV4 as Tim Barnett will fight Rhys “Skeletor” McKee at the SSE Arena Wembley in a much-anticipated Lightweight World Title Fight that will settle the question to who is the best new MMA lightweight around.

Barnett was the sensational winner in the previous fight in Belfast (BAMMA 28) even though he was standing in at short notice, Barnett was seen KO’ing his opponent in double quick time, and his lightening success instantly silenced the partisan crowd.

Without wanting to make excuses McKee has since said he was battling a virus that night and he maintains that March 9th will be a very different show indeed. The two young fighters are both highly rated in the lightweight division and we will definitely be treated to a spectacular show as they face up to each other in this Championship fight.

Barnett based in the Wirral fights out of the MMA Academy Liverpool, and he has been tearing up the lightweight division. Currently he is enjoying a 5-0 winning streak with McKee and Mario “Rudeboy” Saeed being his latest victims.

McKee was division champion previous to the Belfast meeting and was rated the best new fighter around. He is now determined to get his career quickly back on track which makes the Championship fight on March 9th 2018 one of those classic rematches which hopefully will have everyone on the edge of their seats.

For Your Information

The UFC and MMA are interlinked and if you think of the MMA (Mixed Matinal Arts) as the sport, and the UFC as the organization you won’t be far off the mark. It’s rather like NBA and basketball with the NBA being the organization and the other being the sport itself.

MMA is a combination of several schools of fighting and traces of mixed martial arts can be seen throughout Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim from as early as the 1900’s.

The UFC is a United Sates based organization and was formed back in 1993 and it is the brand name through which the MMA sells.




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