The Meteoric Rise of Mobile Sports Betting


There has been a tremendous increase in Mobile Gambling, in fact Mobile Gambling alone is estimated to be worth an amazing $100 billion in 2017. There are many different Mobile Gambling options, such as Casino, Bingo and Sports Betting, where the latter is one of the most popular options as of late; and thanks to the Smartphone and the increase in Smartphone capacity Mobile Gambling is becoming an everyday activity everywhere.

Today there are hundreds of different Sports Betting sites; also, functioning perfectly on the mobile; but why is mobile betting increasing, and what can we expect in the future? We have made a list of reasons to try to explain the phenomenon, and although new reasons, to why this trend is becoming culture, pop up incessantly, we do believe that there are a few constant things that make people more and more inclined to use mobile devices to bet on Sports.

  • Convenience. This might seem like an obvious reason, but we still think that it is very important to point out as a key factor to why Mobile Sports Betting is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Nowadays, we all lead busy lives, many of us commute; we spend a lot of time on the road every day. In order to capitalize on our semi-nomadic lifestyles, we truly need to live them on the go, and here is where the Smartphone comes in. Using the Smartphone as a way of betting on Sports, is a way to keep up with our busy lifestyles.
  • The Rise of Live Betting. This is yet another key reason to why Sports Betting is becoming such a huge thing. Live Betting is fast, and the players need to be active wherever they are, in other to keep up with fast-changing odds and happenings during a sports event. Mobile Sports Betting is a brilliant way to Live Bet, and, as Live Betting increases, so does Mobile Sports Betting.
  • Internet is everywhere. In some aspects internet was always everywhere, meaning it could potentially reach out to any place in the world, however, you always had to have an internet connection nearby, and this used to be a problem, but not anymore. Everywhere in the world, mobile networks are getting faster, and they cover a larger and larger area, Wi-Fi is also becoming available everywhere, and today’s Wi-Fi usually offers a very fast connection. Meaning, as internet is reaching out even further, the fast landscape of Mobile Sports Betting is also becoming available to more and more people.
  • Social media is contributing. Social media is not a phenomenon anymore, it is not a trend, it is not culture, it is now an intricate part of our lives, the way electricity, cars, television, phones, computers, and mobile phones are part of our lives. Everywhere, from presidents to the homeless, we are in some way connected to social media. It is a new dimension of life, and it also effects Mobile Sports Betting and Mobile Gambling. Many Gambling platforms are either directly connected to social media, or they offer a social media option themselves, meaning social media, now, has the power to influence the popularity of Sports Betting directly, because let’s face it, deep down, who doesn’t love a good bet?

These are four important reasons to why Mobile Sports Betting is on the rise and why it will continue to gain ground, everywhere. So, what about the future? Well we believe that there will come a time when we forget what is mobile, as everything will be ‘on the go’. Are we already there? Nearly. In the near future placing a good bet will be even more intricately woven into our life streams, meaning, that the future will be truly mobile, and Betting on Sports will become a completely normal everyday activity.

the future will be truly mobile, and Betting on Sports will become a completely normal everyday activity.




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