Real Madrid legend Butragueno hails Liverpool


Real Madrid icon Emilio Butragueno has explained that Liverpool are a very well respected club in Spain.

Liverpool were arguably one of the best clubs in Europe in the 1980’s but the tragic Heysel disaster meant that the Reds potentially missed out on a number of European Championship titles after being banned from the competition till 1991.

Real Madrid legend Emilio Butragueno has now gone on to speak about how highly Liverpool were rated by people in Spain at the time and has expressed his regret over not being able to play against the legendary Reds outfit during their heyday.

Butragueno hails Liverpool

Butragueno said, “Liverpool was like a dynasty. They played many finals in a short space of time and won most of them. They were a very strong team. I remember the first final against Borussia Monchengladbach which they won 3-1 and that performance showed just how good they were. They were one of the most admired and respected teams of that era.

“It was harder to win the European Cup then because you had to be national champions just to qualify. Now it’s different. If you finish third in La Liga you will play in the Champions League.

“It was a real pity what happened at Heysel because at the time Liverpool were one of the best teams in the world but they remain one of the most respected clubs in football, especially in Spain where the name Liverpool continues to mean a lot. They have made an enormous contribution to football.”




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